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Federico Pirzio-BiroliPlayfairCapital


How to launch a venture capital firm before you turn 30

Hot Topics: Given the early stages of your career were in philanthropy, how did you get into tech investing? Federico Pirzio-Biroli: I spent four years doing philanthropic work and working for NGO’s. A lot of people who leave that world are disillusioned with operating practices amongst these NG ... read more

Tim Green


The future of over the air mobile payments with apps, NFC and QR Codes

Tim Green, Editor of Mobile Money Revolution explains how we are in an age where we’ve turned our phones into cameras, MP3 players and alarm clocks. Will we ever turn them into wallets? A huge number of companies who are moving to over the air mobile payments are betting we will.Do you ... read more

Stephen Stokols FreedomPop free mobile internetFreedomPop


Is free mobile internet access now a reality?

FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols discusses moving from a corporate to a startup, working with Niklas Zennstrom and trying to become one of the top four Telcos in the US to deliver free mobile internet to consumers. FreedomPop is a telco-internet hybrid or ‘webco’, launched in October 2012, with a ... read more

Alex Macpherson - Crowdfunding RegulationOctopus Investments - Crowdfunding Regulation


The role of crowdfunding regulation in growing the sector

In many walks of life the introduction of new technology leads to innovation that may not fit into a conventional box. Take for example the introduction of social media, with which we have seen the rise of social capitalism – crowdfunding. Innovation in this case has given entrepreneurs an alterna ... read more

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Kristian Segerstrale

"There is no other community so dedicated to improving the performance of leaders."
- Kristian Segerstråle, Playfish