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The VC running a mini LinkedIn for tech industry funding

Naval Ravikant’s AngelList is disrupting Silicon Valley’s VC ecosystem. Hot Topics visited the firm’s San Francisco HQ to find out more... With a career that has spanned entrepreneurship and venture capitalist, Naval Ravikant is now disrupting tech industry funding, through his well-publicize ... read more


VCs return from holiday and raise spending in September by $1bn

One billion dollars.  That's a nice round number isn't it? It's also the amount of extra VC deals thrown at the world's tech startups in September – as compared with August. $3.8bn in September; $2.8bn in August. Every month, in partnership with StrategyEye, Hot Topics brings you news o ... read more

rezabehnamAdzcentral Asia Adtech


Adzcentral reveals the truth behind the Asia adtech boom

For over a generation, financial traders have been buying and selling on automated exchanges. Trades are done electronically, and at the speed of light, with buyers offering maximum bids for specified products, which go through when those conditions are met.  The approach is hyper-efficient, ... read more



Tech founder: “I missed out on a job for being too revenue focused.”

Is revenue overrated? It’s a strange question to ask. After all: no revenue, no business. But in the warped economics of Silicon Valley, where user attention and other metrics can come before actual income, it can take a while to get to revenue. This is why VCs are happy to invest hundred ... read more

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Russell Buckley

"It’s always great to have a high calibre of panellists, certainly a lot of things to think about. I was really impressed with my colleagues on the panels. I would certainly like to come to these again."
- Russell Buckley, AdMob