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Do online micropayments have a future, or will the web stay free?

How much would you pay for this article? OK, you don't know yet because it could be garbage. But how much would you pay for the last really great piece of journalism you read? Ten cents? Ten dollars? Whatever, your donation will not happen. Why? Because the web just doesn't do micropayments. ... read more



The Chinese games market is poised to explode. Here's why

China is the second-largest games market behind the US and this year will prove particularly interesting for the region as the government lifts its 14-year ban on overseas home video games consoles. Niko Partners, an independent market researcher expects that the Chinese games market will increase ... read more



Why Asia fintech start-ups are set to rule the world

If innovation is born of necessity, then we’re about to see some pretty interesting payments technology coming out of South-East Asia fintech. Like other emerging regions where a growing middle class and increasing tech penetration means sectors like commerce are tipped for major digital growt ... read more



The 'secret' tax relief scheme making the UK best for start-ups

Have you heard of SEIS? If you're an angel, investor or entrepreneur in the UK, you really should have. The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme is possibly the most generous tax relief scheme in the world. To understand the full glory of the program, let me ask you a question. What would you prefe ... read more

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