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How the Opera Web Pass is increasing data consumption in Asia

Opera Software drastically reduces the data used by mobile browsers – great for operators and users in cost conscious regions. Like Asia Pac. Hot Topics met Fabrizio Caruso, Opera senior VP for Asia... Everyone interested in mobile advertising knows that Google and Facebook dominate the space. Th ... read more

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The company who lost $1bn in the dotcom crash and survived

In 1999, online travel firm Priceline lost $1.1bn in the dotcom crash. Last year it spent nearly double that on online advertising alone as it posts profits of $2.2bn. Hot Topics spoke to the group’s CEO Darren Huston… In internet terms, the Priceline Group is ancient – kind of Methuselah of ... read more

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7 tech events coming up in November

It may be moving towards the end of the year but the volume of interesting tech events shows no sign of relenting in November.  London is going to be particularly busy with our own final event of the year on the 11th and NOAH returning for their annual two day London based conference on the 12th &a ... read more



Masayoshi Son: The CEO who lost $70bn in a day before conquering the world

Japan's favorite TV ad series features a family who sit around bickering and occasionally mentioning the merits of the tariffs offered by mobile network Softbank. So far, so ordinary. Mobile operators love to feature regular people and trumpet the joy of communication with bland phrases about being ... read more

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