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9 Australian Startups You Need To Know

The Australian tech startup scene is blossoming. We're already seeing some big successes coming out of the region, with online collaboration platform Atlassian now turning over $200m annually at a valuation of around $3bn. Then there's email marketing company Campaign Monitor, a company we've track ... read more



10 hot San Francisco startups you need to know

It might be swathed in dense freezing fog half the time, but San Francisco continues to produce among the most clear-sighted and audacious tech teams on the planet. The proliferation of accelerators, the encouragement of failure and availability of funding – not to mention tech superstars like Fac ... read more

Apollo Research


Which VC firms had the most media
coverage in spring 2014?

The venture capital industry has been transformed over the last decade, driven in large part by the fact that the number of funds has decreased by 25% since 2003. The consequence is that VC firms, which previously used to avoid the media spotlight, are now seeking it. VC firms now shout about what ... read more

Key Tech Hires


The 7 key tech hires you need to know
from July & August

The last month has seen a number of key tech hires. We have collated seven that you need to know about. Many of the industry’s heavyweight companies have been flexing their muscles to add key hires to their respective businesses. Stand out appointment include Uber’s hire of a former Whitehouse d ... read more

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