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Have an IoT startup? Here are the investors you should be speaking with

internet of things investors internet of things investors
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If you’re looking to secure funding for your Internet of Things startup there is one place you should be going because that’s where nearly all the top investors are based.

internet of things investors

There’s a race in the internet of things space to be the business that sets the standard in the technology that provides the connections between millions of internet enabled devices around the world. In fact, Google spent nearly $4 billion in 2014 to acquire two businesses that will help it do just that. But just as some businesses are more interested than others in this tech innovation space, some investors are too. Here are the 10 top internet of things investors – those who have invested the most capital in that space in 2014.

Of these 10 top internet of things investors, 8 are based in California, all within a 20 miles radius! The rest of the world may be catching up to Silicon Valley in global tech innovation, but in the internet of things space California continues to lead the way with capital available for investment.

Intel Capital is the investment firm that takes the top place on the list of these internet of things investors with a total of $71 million of capital invested in 2014 in IoT startups. Among the firm’s most interesting investments is EyeSmart Technology Ltd., an exciting Chinese Internet of Things business focused on the implementation of iris reader systems.

IFTTT (aka If This Then That) is a standout among the Internet of Things startups that received funding last year. They secured a successful Series B round in August with $30 million from 2 of the top Internet of Things investors on our list: Andreessen Horowitz and Norwest Venture Partners, both of which are based in California.

The only 2 investment firms based outside of California to make the top 10 Internet of Things investors are Temasek Holdings and Alibaba Group, a Singaporean and Chinese investment firm, respectively. Each of these firms invested $50 million in IoT last year. The former invested in Jasper, a California based leader in the field which powers the IoT connections across millions of devices around the world.

As the rest of the world continues to close the gap on the United States, particularly Silicon Valley, in tech innovation, it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for rankings of the top investors in fields like internet of things to have more global representation.