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This infographic may make finding an investor for your startup easier

top investors by vertical top investors by vertical

Finding an investor for your startup is difficult. So we made it just a little bit easier with the breakdown of which VC invests most in each major tech space.

top investors by vertical

Investment in startups around the world is up. But, this doesn’t mean that each venture capital (VC) firm is equally interested in different startups, no matter how promising they may be. VCs are typically more interested in one space within technology innovation than another. In this infographic we’ve crunched the data and provided you with a roundup of the top 3 investors by vertical.

The most striking observation we make from the data presented here is the fact that of the 13 VC firms highlighted here, only 6 are headquartered in the United States. While many of the 7 that are based overseas now also have offices in the United States (California in particular), many of the American have also started opening up offices in other countries.

Investing in startups is now a global activity. Availability of capital is increasing around the world.

We analyzed 10 different verticals to see which investors lead each space by amount invested. It’s clear that American VCs continue to hold a lead over their international counterparts but not across every space.

The top 3 VC firms in the healthtech space include one based in Kuwait, the Kuwait Investment Authority, and France, the French Sovereign Wealth Fund, each of which invested more than $320 million, along with Celgene, based in New Jersey. Similarly, the enterprise space is led by Switzerland-based Index Ventures with a total investment of more than $320 million with Temasek Holdings of Singapore ranked in second among the top investors by vertical in this space.

California has long been the hub of global tech innovation both in terms of the products and services and the availability of capital. But we’ve now reached a point when companies and investment firms around the world have learned how to close the gap with their American counterparts. We fully expect the top investors by vertical to be made up of even more global players next year.