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Which top investors are helping enterprise tech visionaries succeed?

Which top investors are helping enterprise tech visionaries succeed?

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The way your children will do their jobs will be radically different to the way you’re currently doing it. Here’s which enterprise tech investors are helping these visionaries.

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The way your parents did their job was radically different to the way you did your job which will be transformed again by the time your children start working. The same momentous innovation driven tech revolution that is changing education is also impacting businesses. The enterprise space is going through a huge shift driven by visionary entrepreneurs and the top enterprise tech investors who are helping them succeed.

At a quick glance there are 2 interesting facts that stand out when we analyze these top enterprise tech investors.

First and foremost is the fact that while most of these top venture capital firms are based in the United States, primarily in California, they are led by 2 firms that are based overseas. Switzerland-based Index Ventures and Singapore-based Temasek Holdings have each invested more than $1 billion in enterprise tech startups in 2014. While the venture capital firms based in the United States typically dominate lists of top investors, it’s telling that this one is led by foreign investors which will help establish the enterprise tech space as global rather than primarily out of Silicon Valley.

The second and probably most shocking statistic is the fact that Index Ventures and Temasek Holdings have such a lead over their counterparts. In fact, Index Ventures has invested more than $25 billion in enterprise tech startups in 2014. Some of the notable investments include a $10 million Series A in Trello, a $150 million Series F in Lookout, and a $225 million Series F in Pure Storage.

These 3 businesses along with many others like Slack, which recently raised an impressive $120 million in a Series D funding round, are set to light the enterprise space on fire. The adoption rate among established businesses as well as high growth startups of the products and services these businesses are building continues accelerating. It won’t take long for the way we do business to be transformed. Only a decade ago the notion of having all your documents on the cloud hadn’t even been invented yet. What will these visionary entrepreneurs and top enterprise tech investors come up with next?