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Which startups raised money in March?

which startups raised money which startups raised money

If you want to know which startups raised money last month, this is the infographic you need.

which startups raised money

Capital just keeps being poured into tech companies. That much is true.

Despite this becoming a global phenomenon, the US is still dominating.

Access to money for startups may be becoming increasingly attainable in both Europe and Asia, but the majority of large venture capital deals are still being done in the US.

Here at StrategyEye, we provide data to Hot Topics on which startups raised money during the previous month.

We now turn our attention to March, where a total of $3.49bn was invested into tech startups around the world.

To see which startups raised money, the top 50 deals from the month are listed in the infographic above.

The stand out deal is the $530m raised by Lyft, led by Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten.

It is the biggest deal of the month and values the ride-hailing startup at $2.5bn, taking their total investment to over $850m since formation.

Clearly competing with Uber is an expensive business and it is suggested that a large sum of the money will be spent on exporting their brand around the world, to become a global transportation brand.

Out of these 50 largest deals from March, 38 of the companies taking on investment are US based, whilst just 2 are in the UK.

1 of those 2 was Farfetch, a fashion tech business which raised $86 million at a $1 billion valuation, and is another string in the bow of the London tech ecosystem.

And if you would like to know which startups raised money in China, 5 of those makes this list of the top 50 deals globally.

The most notable is the $170m raised by online used car seller Uxin. The round was participated in by Baidu, China’s leading search engine along with global private equity firm KKR.