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London is getting seriously fit but its workers are still pressed for time. New app TruBe provides you with a trainer based on what you want, where you want and when you want.

Daria Kantor, CEO of newly launched mobile fitness app TruBe, wants to revolutionise the way London engages with fitness and wellbeing.

And it’s not necessarily another member of the saturated exercise market.

TruBe promises to provide on demand personalized instructors at your convenience. Kantor’s goal is to make it easier for people to achieve their health goals on their terms.

Today, life is busy and trying to balance a career, family, a social life and the gym is hard. No-one knows this better than the CEO herself – a young, working mother of two, she wanted to create a product so easy to work that even she could fit it around her busy schedule.

So how does it work?

TruBe understands that when you work out with another person, you are more likely to complete your goals but when that work out is with personalized instructors, the results are even better.

That type of interactivity isn’t available in other, similar projects.

The app is simple: you choose the type of work out for the session, your time and your location. TruBe then uses this information to decide which instructor or “service provider” is best suited for your needs.

“They [the instructors] have been specially selected, tested, recruited and trained so the overall experience is quality based in order to maximise the customer experience.”

After your training has finished, you can rate your trainer – like the Trip Advisor of the personal fitness market. They can also rate you however: on your strength and fitness allowing you to measure yourself against your goals.

At the moment, 25 personalized instructors are on the books – but interest is growing and TruBe is adding around five more trainers a week.

TruBe launches this week but will only be available in London for now. “Due to London’s international demographic and the way people are willing to try new products. It was the most appropriate choice for us.”

Summer is fast approaching and those post-Christmas gym bunnies are already starting to fall behind.

Maybe having personalized instructors who can help guide and encourage you towards your fitness goals would help you commit.

Time is usually the main wall between you and an instructor but now Ms Kantor and TruBe have given you no excuse.