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Want to know who is investing in healthtech? Find out here.

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As healthcare continues to be disrupted by technology, investors are backing the innovative companies leading the charge. Here are the top 10 healthtech investors in 2014.

who is investing in healthtech

Who is investing in healthtech? That is the question on the lips of the growing number of health technology entrepreneurs leading innovative startups around the world.

The answer to that question of who is investing in healthtech is in the infographic above.

These 10 investors ploughed over $2 billion throughout 2014 into companies handling a wide range of healthcare opportunities.

The top 10 investors combine traditional venture capitalists, corporate venturing arms and sovereign wealth funds.

Here is a closer look at the top 3’s involvement in healthcare to help understand more about who is investing in healthtech:

1. Celgene

Celgene is a US headquartered, global biopharmaceutical company which develops and commercializes therapies to treat cancer and immune-inflammatory related diseases.

Having been founded in 1986, the business went public a year later and has since made a number of acquisitions and investments to secure its position.

6 of those investments were made in 2014.

One of those investments was Celgene’s participation in the $50m Series B round raised by VentiRx Pharmaceuticals, in September.

Similarly to Celgene, VentiRx develops innovative solutuions for the treatment of cancer and related diseases.

2. Kuwait Investment Authority

The Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) is the managing body of Kuwait’s soveriegn wealth fund.

It invests both locally and overseas.

It was set up in 1953, initially with the aim of investing surplus oil revenues to reduce the reliance on Kuwait’s finite oil resource.

The state still transfers 10% of all oil revenues into this fund each year.

Healthcare has become a focus area for the fund and last year KIA led the $320m round raised by NantHealth.

NantHealth provides a cloud-based , clinical decision support platform used by over 250 hospitals.

3. French Sovereign Wealth Fund

It wasn’t until 2008 that France created a sovereign wealth fund.

At its inception, the fund was endowed with €6 billion and is now the 21st largest sovereign fund in the world.

Last year, it invested $320 million into the healthtech space, making it one of the 5 joint top investors in healthcare globally.