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Eventbrite Co-founder on how to retain engineers within your organization

Renaud Visage

Worried about how to retain engineers in your organization? This is how the billion dollar tech business, Eventbrite, do it.

There is a global shortage of engineering talent in the technology industry.

That much is not new.

Learning how to retain engineers in your organization has become a priority to entrepreneurs and corporate executives alike.

As part of a wide reaching interview with the Co-founder and CTO of Eventbrite, Renaud Visage, we requested his thoughts on how the billion dollar tech business think around how to retain engineers in the company.

Since launching in 2006 the online event ticketing company has raised over $200m in venture capital and has around 500 employees worldwide.

It is one of tech’s growing list of companies valued at over a billion dollars, labelled as ‘unicorns’, based on their rarity.

Visage points first to type of work engineers are allocated.

“It’s allowing them (engineers) to work on projects that are cool. It’s as simple as that.”

He suggests there is a need to ensure enginneers experience continous learning without micro-management.

“They (engineers) need to feel that they are being challenged in their knowledge, in the way they apply their skills and that we give them the freedom to experiment and create the things they think will make the company successful.”

More than just freedom, Visage points to an engineer’s desire to take ownership over the area of the product they are creating or project they are working on.

“They love the ownership as well. Feeling entitled to one particular area of the product that they are responsible for.”

Visage ends by alluding to the fact that talented engineers are receiving job offers from elsewhere on a regular basis.

He therefore insists that it is necessary to employ all of these tactics to retain engineering talent and keep them satisfied in the role they are fulfilling.

To hear more of Visage’s thoughts on how to retain engineers within an organization, watch the short video above.