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Advice on learning from Apple’s former head of education


Alan Greenberg, the ex head of education at Apple explains why learning should never stop. And how everything we do will soon feed into our futuristic CVs.

Think the end of university means the end of education? Think again. The university is just the beginning and it’s the lifelong learning piece that matters most.

Alan Greenberg, former head of education at Apple – best known for his hand in the development of wildly successful platform iTunes U, imparts some advice.

Greenberg helped make podcasting a household name, and now spends his time advising education start-ups around the world, from Career Foundry to the game changing teacher training platform run by Jason Lange, BloomBoard.

Previously, having a degree more or less guaranteed employment. Young, fledgling graduates had significantly less competition than they do today.

No longer. Fast forward to 2015, and you’ll see that things are somewhat different.

The figures speak for themselves, and with the number of applications increasing year on year- many are left disappointed.

What’s there to do next?

“The most important thing is to keep on learning”, says Greenberg, explaining that the lifelong learning piece is paramount to self actualization.

University lays the foundations for learning, whilst simultaneously providing the toolset required to develop your skills further.

“It’s how you continue to learn, it’s how you continue to develop, continue to extend that experience, and most importantly how you get accredited for that”

Greenberg isn’t the only person who believes this, and we are beginning to see a whole host of start-ups who share his opinion.

San Francisco based firm Degreed for example, plan on shaking things up.

They plan on “giving users an online, updateable repository for tracking all of their learning. It scores it so that users and employers have a modular way of understanding a person’s collection of skills.”

What Degreed, and other start-ups represent is a new model of learning.

It appears the degree is about to be jail broken- ushering in the lifelong learning piece for all.