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The language analysis software making marketers foam at the mouth


Ben Hookway, CEO of Relative Insight, points marketers in the direction of a goldmine. Language.

“Our successes are secret, and our failures are public” Says Ben Hookway, CEO of Relative Insight. The most fascinating company you’ve never heard of.

10 years in the making, the technology was originally developed at Lancaster University, famed for their cyber security department.

But language analysis software is nothing new? You say. Be that as it may, the language analysis software you’re thinking of wasn’t developed by the world’s leading cyber security experts.

Relative Insight shouldn’t be snubbed at.

Especially as it was initially developed to aid government and law enforcement agencies to track down and catch elusive criminals.

This is achieved in two ways- by analysing the language at scale used in conversations. Which when on the topic of law enforcement, could pertain to, for example, the comparison of two sets of linguistic data to make sure that someone is who they say they are.

And isn’t a 40 year old man, pretending to be a 12 year old girl.

The second way Relative Insight works is through contextual analysis.

“We are completely driven by context. We can compare language on multiple dimensions”

But what does language analysis software built with law enforcement agencies in mind, have to do with Microsoft Mobile, cosmetics and Apple?

Hookway reveals all, and as part of a wider interview, explains how Relative Insight has branched out.

He wants to show marketers where they’re going wrong.

Relative Insight plans to disrupt the subjectivity surrounding traditional marketing. The plan, essentially is to remove the guess work from campaigns. By providing sophisticated evidence-based analysis of the language used by both businesses and consumers.

“The thing about language, just like in the real world- is that if you mirror someone’s communication style…they are far more likely to engage with you. This is also very much true in the virtual world too”

Marketers are only just becoming aware of the sheer goldmine that they are sitting on. Language.