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Welcome to the startup golden age


There’s never been a better time to venture forth into tech startup stardom according to Malcolm Bell, CEO and founder of Mailcloud.

One would imagine that Malcolm Bell gets asked a lot of questions.

Then again, it would be a shame not to. Especially with a track record like his, founding Zaggora with his wife, speaking at Ted, an expert in residence at the Harvard Business School and setting up his most recent company, Mailcloud, which entered beta this week.

But out of everything, Bell tells us that the question he’s asked the most is “what makes a successful entrepreneur or what makes a successful startup?”

It’s certainly a question that every eager, Steve Jobs wannabe, visionary startup type wants to know.

What is the hallowed magic formula for success? And if success is anything to go by, Bell might just have it. Although he didn’t share it with Hot Topics.

Instead he gave some advice, and explained why we are living in the startup golden age.

“It’s never been cheaper to start a startup” says Bell, who explains that:

“There have never been more users carrying round a supercomputer in their pocket. And the speed at which you can develop a userbase and develop a product has never been faster, plus there’s never been more capital available for startups”

Bell is right, and for lack of a better expression, the proof really is in the pudding. The startup golden age is upon us and Q1 of 2015 saw London smash all previous funding records, attracting more venture capital than any other quarter to date.

At $682.5 million, not only was this more than the whole of 2012, but, moreover, it increasingly suggests that London is establishing a strong foothold on the global tech scene. Simultaneously, London edges, albeit slowly, towards Silicon Valley’s exorbitant Q1 figure of close to $5 billion.

But Bell is right. It truly has never been easier. Arm yourself with a laptop, good internet connection, some cloud based services, and barring a hell of a lot of hard work, the infrastructure is there.

Gone are the days of costly infrastructure, and almost everyone now has access to unlimited computing power in a matter of minutes.

The falling barrier to access means that the startup golden age is upon us. Time to choose your weapon and do battle.