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Why late nights at work could be a thing of the past


Anaplan has taken the corporate world of cloud computing by storm. Its CEO explains how the platform will make useless back and forth emailing a thing of the past.

From its lowly beginning as a few networked computers serving an exclusive academic community- to the potential of 30 billion devices being connected by 2020, the internet has been the catalyst behind an age of unprecedented technological change.

We now live in a world with social networks, freely editable encyclopedias, search engines that talk to us, smartwatches, digital eyewear, and even self-driving cars.

But as the technology driving our world has evolved so enormously over the last 30 years, one thing has largely stayed the same: the way computers are used for work.

Anaplan however, has a different idea.

It is one of many cloud solution businesses that promises to make legacy working methods obsolete.

“We’re resolving old problems…enabling hundreds, maybe thousands, of people to collaborate in real time on data sets” says the Anaplan CEO Frederic Laluyaux, who explains the inspiration behind the 9 year old business.

“Let’s say you have 600 information workers. When it comes to collaborating, or building models, or building plans… the way they actually do it is by downloading data from some legacy software into a spreadsheet”

“You send each other spreadsheets, then make comments and changes and you end up with an end file that’s named ‘version 36’. You take a screen shot of that file and put it into a PowerPoint, then you attach it to an email and put some text around it. That process will go on forever and will lock you into conference calls… nights and weekends spent at work.”

Their cloud solution has sent a strong message to the industry too. The buzz surrounding cloud solutions has helped Anaplan raise $144 million in 3 rounds of funding from investors, with capital from Salesforce contributing to that.

The end goal for Anaplan is to streamline the way corporation’s work, gone will be the days of back and forth emailing.

Could Anaplan be the cloud solution businesses have sought after?