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An update on the London healthtech scene


Life expectancy in the early 1800’s was just 36. Now it's 82 and tech continues to evolve healthcare. Touch Surgery’s COO explains what’s next for London.

The transformative effect that technology has had on health over the course of history has been unprecedented.

If you consider that anesthesia only became widely available from the mid 1800’s, we’ve come a long way in an incredibly short space of time.

To give a little insight into the scale of change, the average life expectancy in the early 1800’s was around 36.

Now it’s 82.

Much of that increase is due to new technologies improving the way healthcare is delivered.

And you can be sure that the next few years we will see the health technology (healthtech) industry grow exponentially for the benefit of all.

But there’s one city in particular that’s seeing an inflated amount of interest.

Firmly establishing itself on the world stage is the London healthtech scene.

This follows a spate of government backed schemes such as Boris Johnson’s Medcity- which aligns London’s finest academic institutions towards the progression and improvement of digital healthcare.

And in a paper by Healthcare UK, the government confidently presents itself as “the leading nation in digital health”.

Andre Chow, the COO and Co-Founder of one of London’s hottest healthtech startups – Touch Surgery explains:

“Even in the past two years I’ve seen a huge amount of growth in this area over here in London.”

Investors are becoming increasingly interested in the area too:

“Two years ago it was hard to get any sort of meeting with any kind of investor or any group, when we had our initial product. Nowadays, there are far more open doors. And a much bigger sense of a building community.”

Validation from The Royal Society Of Medicine has contributed to the sense of a growing community within the London healthtech scene, which has held a number of healthtech workshops.

Although the community is yet to be fully established says Chow, we are certainly on the right path.