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The 10 Edtech businesses that raised the most funding in Q1 2015

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Lucas Hayas

Edtech is big business and it's still growing as investors continue to plough money into disruptive startups. Here are the top 10 that raised the most funding in Q1 of 2015.

UPDATED - Top 10 Education Companies

As the growing interest in edtech businesses continues, investors and consumers alike are ever more likely to get involved in this digital skills revolution.

But it in terms of funding, increased market valuations has not provided an even distribution of cash flow to some of the main players in the field.

Over the past 4-5 years many established edtech companies hit a $0.5 buffer mark.

Only a handful have managed to break this watershed.

The 10 edtech businesses in the above infographic fit this bill, with one proving particularly attractive to investors.

Lynda.com raised an astonishing $289m total; over 3 times more than number 2 in the list, Achieve 3000 and over 19 times more than 3rd position Schoolwires.

There’s an important caveat though.

Lynda.com, seen as one of the leading edtech businesses globally, has since been acquired by Linked.in.

Acquisitions and mergers seems to be a trend within this list though; three have done so since their respective funding rounds.

Always Prepped, placed 10th on the most funded edtech businesses list, provides online tools that help to manage student and classroom data and merged with Alma earlier this year.

Teachers choose from any supported online site, application, or partner and import their data into a single stream for powerful analysis on all of their students or classes.

Teachers can also easily send parents real-time report cards with a single click on all student activity across all digital platforms being used.

They completed 1 round from 4 investors including True ventures and Red Sea Ventures in 2012.

A couple of months later in April, LinkedIn acquired Lynda.com for $1.5 billion.

For over 20 years Lynda has been the hub for instruction, tutorials, and workshops on many different tools for designers, coders, video editors, photographers, and entrepreneurs.

The choice selection is vast: the site offers directions on everything from designing an Apple Watch app to managing a business.

Founded back in 1995 it quickly started its digital skills market domination.

Two decades later and with a free trial now it’s merged with Linked In means that more than 3,600 video tutorials that walk job seekers through technology, business and developer classes collaborates with LinkedIn’s 364 million users.

Funding was provided from Spectrum Equity, Accel Partners and TPG over several rounds.

Finally learndot, at number 9 in the edtech businesses list, is now owned and maintained by ServiceRocket.Inc after raising capital from Highline VC and BDC during 3 rounds of funding since 2010.

Learndot is building a training and certification platform for businesses that enables anyone within an organization to build courses, certify customers, educate partners and get employees up to speed, from the cloud.