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The 5 biggest enterprise tech exits in Q1 2015

enterprise technologies enterprise technologies

Exit deals for this sector have been impressive, when compared against other areas of the market. These 5 enterprise tech companies are leading the way in 2015.

enterprise technologies

Inovalon Holdings Inc

Enterprise technologies are becoming a big deal, but even insider analysts were surprised with the Inovalon is a leading US technology company combining advanced cloud-based data analytics and data-driven intervention platforms to achieve meaningful impact in clinical outcomes, utilization and financial performance within healthcare.

The cloud-based health-care data-analytics company raised roughly $600 million in its February stock market debut.

The company boasts around 754,000 physicians, 248,000 clinical facilities, and more than 120 million Americans providing a powerful solution suite that drives high-value impact, improving quality and economics for health plan

Lens Technology co Ltd

Zhou Qunfei, founder, has now been crowned as China’s richest woman at US$7.4bn after leading one of the largest enterprise technologies to and IPO on the Shenzhen stock exchange in March.

Lens Technology focuses on its sales of visual plate covers for electronic products, which are widely used in mobile phones, tablet, notebook computers, desktop computers, digital cameras, players, GPS navigator and car instruments whilst also counting Apple and Samsung as its clients.

Lens Tech also makes the class for Apple watch .

Dustin Group AB

Sweden Dustin is a one-stop-shop that offers around 200,000 different products – mainly a reseller of IT products and services – and is active in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland and has approximately 900 employees.

Its IPO listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm and the $236m raised was impressive but mainly originated from domestic investors.


Box is a cloud file-sharing company and, with 48% of the Fortune 500 listed as it’s clients, is one of the most well connected enterprise technologies.

By the end of 2014, the company counted more than 32 million registered users and revenue for the period was $153.8 million, up 80% from the previous year.

About 50% of the proceeds from the IPO will go towards marketing – which is already a huge financial burden on the company – as well as product development and administrative processes but Box doesn’t expect to be profitable for the “foreseeable future.”

Read more about the IPO listing and why it’s seen as a “lesson to learn.”

MLS Co Ltd

Chinese MLS develops and sells LED lighting products for commercial, industrial, home, and public lighting.

The company is based in Zhongshan, China and within its IPO, 44 million shares were issued.

MLS now ranks among the top ten manufacturers of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in the world; 2014 revenue exceeded $700 million, and the company expects 30% growth in 2015.

It produces over 16 billion LEDs annually, and has 12,000 employees; it’s US subsidiary is Forest Lighting.