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The 5 UK startups that raised the most funding in May

UK startups with the most funding UK startups with the most funding

Which UK startups took the most funding in May 2015?

uk startups with the most funding in may

One of the main factors in the continued growth of the UK startup scene is the increased access to capital for young businesses.

Alongside the creation of more early stage VC funds, other options open to entrepreneurs include crowd funding, angel investors and peer2peeer lending.

An example of this is the startup, JustPark, who recently closed a round of funding of $5.5 million via crowd funding, more than three times its initial target.

According to a recent study, the UK is set to create something like 20,000 new jobs in the startup sector, with around two billion dollars in funding being invested into new businesses.

The digital disruption in the UK is occurring on a cross-sector basis and the 5 UK startups with the most funding in May attests to that.

Wahanda is an aggregator for beauty treatments and spa sessions across the country.

Kano, as well as having one of the most inventive websites of any tech firm, allows users to assemble and code their own PC Paint By Numbers style.

Kantox is a currency exchange platform, Zesty will help you book you a healthcare professional via your smartphone and Big Data Partnership helps companies extract more value from the deluge of data now available to them.

The total investment the 5 UK startups with the most funding in May received weighs in at over $100 million and highlights the confidence that is flowing through the UK tech scene at present, even if most of the attention is focused on London.

Whether you require shaving products, having your laundry or dry cleaning collected from your doorstep, or you need new code writing for your business website, there’ll be a group that will take care of it for you.

The only limit’s your broadband speed.

Examine the above infographic to see the UK startups with the most funding in May 2015.