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Growing faster than expected is also an issue: Blasting News CEO

Peter Stojanovic

When Andrea Manfredi set up his Italian journalism platform, his company wasn't quite prepared for the positive growth figures in different countries and the issues that entails.

Any new business has to plan ahead in order to map out a trajectory of growth.

The challenges of scaling are very real: when a startup doesn’t scale as well or as fast as planned, issues undoubtedly rise but the same can also be said for when a venture scales too well.

It’s probably a good problem that Andrea Manfredi, CEO of Blasting News, found he had, but the case still stands that when something unplanned is met, a company has to adapt.

Blasting News is an online community journalism platform which was set up in Italy in 2013. Yet the moment they decided to expand into other countries, Manfredi and his team realised they were unprepared for the challenges of scaling.

“The first issue we experienced is that we were, are, growing much faster than expected in many different countries…”

These countries, however, have different cultures, approaches, challenges and the main issue that Manfredi has to contend with is to being able to balance those issues at the same time with limited resources whilst still keeping growth momentum.

Those different approaches to news manifest themselves in their research data.

“In Brazil, people love to share their news on Facebook and it’s mainly mobile so you have to make sure that the published news is mobile friendly – content and its layout – but In Spain they rely much more on what they find on Google so we must use a totally different way of talking to ‘blasters’ and looking at the news and how they should maximize revenues.”

Essentially, Manfredi is articulating a common problem any business has when scaling: when the same products reach two different environments, different models have to be applied which doubles the workload.

Furthermore, with Blasting News’ model of using the public as it’s journalists, the challenges of scaling are compounded. As Manfredi himself admits:

“There isn’t one single model that works well for every market.”