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Measuring culture fit scientifically: the future of HR

Joel Watson

Hot Topics speaks to Alistair Shepherd about the future of HR and how to scientifically measure culture fit within a business.

There’s a case to be made for HR being one of the most important departments in a business.

Measuring culture fit between employers and employees and fostering a work environment where the employees feel comfortable and can form good relationships is about as important as ensuring that they have the right qualifications in the first place.

It stands to reason then that improving the resources at the disposal of the human resources department can be incredibly beneficial for a business.

That’s what Alistair Shepherd and Saberr have set out to do. With a series of tests, Saberr analyzes the personality types of employees to establish the culture within a business, and help management find new people to fill vacant roles with the sort of personalities that can help drive a business forward.

Shepherd, founder and CEO of Saberr, sat down with Hot Topics to explain how he believes his business can help with measuring culture fit:

“The way that the current assessment world works is very much focussed on the individual and stuff that is easy to measure, but we know from experience that actually a person’s ability to learn and acquire new skills is more based upon their relations with their peers, their colleagues, their boss, than it is based on the skills they arrived at the job with.”

“Now we’re trying to add to the current assessment process and give that rich depth that we really look for when we have lengthy interview processes, perhaps we can do that using data, without having to do 10 interviews, maybe we can just trim it down to 1.”

Much is made of the culture within a business, but Saberr’s allows businesses to objectively measure their own culture, as well as that of prospective employees:

“So many of these interviews are around measuring culture fit, they say we’re looking for a really good culture fit at this company. The problem with that statement is that companies don’t know what their culture is.”

“They might define it as hard work or quality, but these are aspirational cultures or aspirational goals. They’ve just said we want to value quality and so we’re going to assess for that.”

Should HR be worried that their jobs are being encroached on by new psychometric tests? Actually the opposite is true says Shepherd:

“This is a new lease of life [for HR managers} it shouldn’t be seen as a big brother replacement tool. This is empowering current HR to be able to do their job better. Give them better freedom to focus on the things that really matter rather than wading through stacks of CVs and cultural interviews that are largely meaningless.”

If given correct tools to assess current and prospective staff, HR could get the “seat at the table they deserve.”

To hear more about how Saberr is helping HR departments focus on measuring culture fit within their business, watch the video above.