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The 10 tech VC funds that invested the most capital in Q2 2015

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Collectively, 10 tech VC funds in Q2 2015 invested $6.9bn. Find out who made the list in this infographic.

most active tech VC funds

Invention and innovation are the drivers behind the global economy, and tech has a stranglehold on the world’s consciousness.

Everywhere we look, we hear stories of exorbitant valuations given to entrepreneurs, venturing forth toward unexplored frontiers, utilizing the power of technology to change our lives.

With these blockbuster valuations, tech leaders are transformed into superheroes, believed to be capable of achieving anything.

Never far behind new innovation are the venture capitalists. The experienced money men and women, ready to write the cheques that will fuel the innovation with the capital needed by startups to develop at a sufficiently rapid rate.

In combination with the money, is the market knowledge, network and business development skills which often surpass the importance of the capital itself.

The amount invested in Q2 2015 amounted to around $32bn. In total, there were 1819 separate deals constructed by venture capital funds around the world.

But who were the most active tech VC funds of the last quarter?

As expected, US based VC firms occupy 7 spots out of the most active tech VC funds in Q2 2015. In terms of the other 3 places, Europe takes 2 and Japan takes 1.

Coming out on top is Norwest Venture Partners, headquartered in Silicon Valley. Since its inception, the firm has made 322 investments in 170 companies, raising $2.8bn to fund new investments.

Also featuring among the most active VC funds in Q2 2015, is Andreessen Horowitz.

Co-run by a man hailed to be able to see 20-30 years into the future, Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz has made 395 investments in 262 companies, including Airbnb, Dropbox and Pinterest.

It is arguably the most powerful VC firm in the world and is approached by around 3 thousand hopeful entrepreneurs every year.

The remainder of the companies featured in the list of the most active tech VC funds in Q2 2015, can be found in the infographic above.