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What can be learnt from the VC investment figures for Q1 2015?

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From taxi-hailing service Uber, to Elon Musk’s plans of bringing internet access to all, Q1 was an astounding period for VCs and businesses worldwide. The 25 top deals are here.


Venture Capital (VC) investment in Q1 2015 saw $27.4 billion sunk into venture-backed businesses worldwide.

CB insights suggest that the epic quarter comes from an increase in ‘mega-financing’ (series over $100m of which there were 56 in Q1 2015) alongside a growing cohort of non-traditional investors.

Enabled by low interest rates combined with the increased participation of hedge funds, mutual funds and venture capitals arms of large corporates – a huge amount of capital is on offer to businesses around the world.

1,701 deals were completed in Q1, helping membership of the coveted unicorn club triple what it was this time last year.

Equal first in terms of amount raised is transportation giant Uber.

Despite being frequently criticized for its no-holds-barred attitude to free market competition, the 5 year old Silicon Valley business raised $1bn in a series E round of funding, taking the companies’ total funding close to $10bn.

The figure sets a new record for a US tech company before it goes public, and will be put toward Uber’s global takeover of 300 cities worldwide, as well as a growing legal bill of course.

Also raking in a large share of the VC investment in Q1 2015 and equalling Uber’s gargantuan funding round is Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Most of the $1bn raised came from Google, and there’s something exciting about the pair working in cahoots with one another.

The financing round was to bolster the development of satellites set to providing Internet to the most remote areas on earth. Musk believes that satellites are key to bringing access to the 3 billion offline, it’ll be faster and cheaper than laying down wires too.

Naturally, just sending satellites into space is far too mundane for Musk. The satellites serve as the beginning of the SpaceX internet connection on Mars.

For more insight into VC investment in Q1 2015, see the above infographic.