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The US is a bellwether for the global state of tech, so do these capital deals in June showcase an increasing trend of annual VC investments finally?

DONE US Startups raised most Investment

In 2000 venture capitalists piled $105 billion into private companies, according to data from the National Venture Capital Association and PwC.

It’s a large figure, so much so in fact that the dot.com bubble year dwarves all previous – and subsequent – annual figures. However last year turned a corner by being the next largest in terms of venture investments in US startups.

Last year, $48.3 billion was invested into some of the most exciting private ventures in the world and it’s hope that this year will continue the increasing trend.

With that in mind, these 10 US June tech deals are promising as we approach the latter half of 2015.


Credit Karma

10 US June tech deals

Top of the 10 US June tech deals is Credit Karma, a consumer finance enterprise that provides free access to credit scores.

It’s database and software provides a detailed examination of someone’s financial data, including: credit data, context, resources, and information.

Based on an individual user’s credit profile, Credit Karma provides tailored financial product recommendations, including credit cards and personal, home and automotive loans.

So far, Credit Karma and its CEO Kenneth Lin, have raised around $368m in funding, including their latest Series D round last June, led by prolific investor Tiger Global Management.



10 US June tech deals

Purch is a portfolio of digital brands and services focused on helping its 78 million consumers make complex buying decisions easy each month.

Its sites natively integrate commerce and content in 1,000 product categories so consumers can make better choices before, during, and after an important purchase.

Purch also connects in-market shoppers with more than 7,000 marketers and sellers and it’s latest Series C funding round of $135 million, which places it next on the 10 US June tech deals list, was its largest yet – by over a $100 million.


Blue Apron

10 US June tech deals

Third on the US June tech deals list, Blue Apron is a New York-based startup that wants to change the way people cook at home.

A weekly subscription service delivers everything you need to make fresh meals that you have chosen previously.

Blue Apron shops wholesale and delivers all the ingredients in exactly the right proportions, along with recipe cards.

It’s $135 million series D round was lead by Fidelity Investments which brings its total amount raised to just shy of $200 million.

Our interview with Blue Apron’s CEO, Matt Salzberg, conducted in early 2015, can be found here.

To see the remainder of June’s biggest VC deals in US tech startups, view the infographic above.