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Can digital education surpass traditional teaching methods?


As digital continues to disrupt the way education is delivered around the world, how can the experience be maximized for students?

Decoded is a London based digital training school focused on empowers individuals to embrace the digital skills needed to stay relevant in today’s workplace.

The company now has offices in London and New York and since launching in 2011, Decoded has trained over 2,000 businesses and over 15,000 people.

It’s flagship product, Code in a day, claims to be able to teach a person with zero knowledge of computer programming how to build an app, through an accelerated learning experience.

This video clip, taken from a Hot Topics interview with one of the businesses 4 co-founders, Richard Peters, is focused on how the digital education experience compares with traditional human interaction.

Prior to the proliferation of digital, education techniques have remained largely unchanged.

Class sizes vary but the face to face nature of the interaction between teacher and student has remained the same.

The evolution of the internet and people’s willingness to access content online has begun to change that.

In the last academic year alone, 7 million Chinese students swapped bricks and mortar tuition for a digital education experience delivered via an online learning platform.

The question remains, does digital allow for a better learning environment?

Richard Peters suggests that the capabilities of digital, allows for a far greater user experience to be created.

Or in other words, the digital education experience can be enhanced through a far wider set of tools than in the traditional classroom.

He argues that digital allows for, “peer2peer learning on a massive scale, gamification and competition.”

The key to creating a positive digital learning environment, says Peters, is to “take little bits of user experience that only digital can deliver and bring it into that educational proposition.”

It is that which Peters suggests creates, “a better education experience for the consumer.”

To hear more of Richard Peters’ views on digital education versus traditional learning, watch the video above.