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10 Indian startups set for further growth after recent funding rounds

VC funding in India VC funding in India

Investment in Indian tech startups was at an all time high in the first half of 2015. Here were the 10 biggest deals of June.

VC funding in India

VC funding in India is booming.

The first half of 2015 saw over $3.5 billion poured across 380 separate deals. That figure surpassed the total number of deals in 2014.

To take that trend further, investment in Q2 2015 weighed in at around $1.8 billion, compared to around $200 million in Q1 2013.

The action is not limited to one city either.

There was around 110 investments made into startups based in Bangalore and Delhi, whilst Mumbai and Chennai are also hubs of tech innovation.

In this infographic, the 10 biggest deals in the final month of H1 2015 are highlighted.

And here is a closer look at the top 3 companies benefiting from the increase of VC funding in India.

1. Ecom Express

Ecom Express received $133 million in early June in a round led by the private equity firm, Warburg Pincus.

The company is one of the leading logistics providers to the ecommerce industry in India, and claims to serve more than 210 cities through its army of 8,000 employees and 320 delivery centers.

It is suggested that the funding will help the business expand its delivery footprint, and upgrade its technology platform.

The fact that is expects to handle over 50 million packages in 2015, suggests it will need the improvements.

2. Flipkart

As access to the Internet spreads across India, the ecommerce industry becomes an increasingly attractive proposition to entrepreneurs and investors alike.

There are now more than 300 million Indian consumers online, with around 20 million of those transacting.

Flipkart has led the way in Indian ecommerce since it launched in 2007, raising over $3.2 billion in the process.

The $50 million it received from Morgan Stanley in June, ranks as pocket change when compared to some of its larger rounds, but still weighed in as the joint 2nd biggest example of VC funding in India for the month of June.

3. Homelane

Foreign investment in Indian tech businesses is also a growing trend.

The Silicon Valley investors, who typically have no need to look further than their office window for deal flow, are now turning their attention to the growing Internet population in India.

Sequoia Capital, one of the Valley’s leading VC firms, has established a presence in India, and is responsible for the $50 million series B round raised by Homelane in June.

Homelane is India’s leading provider of interior design services, and has integrated virtual reality technology into its offering to allow users a glimpse of what their potential new home will look like.


To see the remainder of the biggest VC funding in India this June, have a look at the infographic above.