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What is going to be the game changer in education?

Joel Watson

Richard Peters, co-founder of online teaching platform Decoded talks discusses how data is changing the nature of education and what that means for the future of learning.

How can a teacher work out which students in a class understand the subject they’re teaching or the methods that they’re using?

Is it possible to understand the type of learning that comes naturally to people based on limited teaching time?

One of the advantages of edtech platforms like Decoded is that through tracking user data online, it makes it a lot easier to understand how people best learn information.

Hot Topics speaks to Richard Peters, co-founder and co-CEO of Decoded, the one-day training workshop designed to teach anybody to code in one day, to find out what exactly are the advantages of edtech.

Peters said: “One of the biggest things in the sector is the ability to deliver on a mass scale but in a very personalized way. The more data that we can gather on large groups, the more it can become personalized and predictive.”

Peters emphasizes the importance of, “the ability to get data and to understand how different people want to learn in different ways.”

Decoded tracks the progress of “every keystroke that everybody makes in any of our courses.” So when the platform launches online in the next 6-9 months, it will begin to gather specified data about every one of its users and get a “real understanding of how each individual wants to learn.”

Peters continues: “Once we get that we can get a picture of how we serve up content to different people in different ways, that’s going to create a real game-change in the way that education works, not just on a mass scale, but also on a small scale.”

Particularly on a business level, companies want their employees to learn as much as possible in a short a time as is possible.

The aim of Decoded is to create an “accelerated learning experience that takes you from A to B as quickly and effectively as possible”.

Using digital analysis and data tracking, companies such as Decoded are showcasing the future of online education.

To find out more about the advantages of edtech, watch the video above.