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Where are the world’s emerging tech hubs located?

emerging tech hub emerging tech hub
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Johan Klovsjo

Tech has taken root in every corner of the globe and the fruits are now starting to show, whether that be in the Middle East, South America or Northern Europe.

Top 10 Emerging tech hubs

As the world embraces entrepreneurialism, cloud technology increasingly supports working, long-distance relationships and education continues to allow a wider demographic into the tech market, the global startup ecosystem has become increasingly dispersed.

Some areas have worked harder than others and are quickly cementing themselves as tech locations to watch, but whether it’s low rent, impressive infrastructure or successful governmental initiatives, every emerging tech hub on this list should definitely have everyone paying close attention.


Pune, India

emerging tech hub

From HSBC to Dana Holding Corp to Barclave, Pune, India, is home to the corporate tech centers of some of the top companies in the world.

Mercer’s Quality of Living Rankings 2015 saw Pune as an emerging tech hub for fintech and banks – especially as it’s location offers a logical move from Mumbai.

Successful startups such as Druva Software and IntouchApp have started life in Pune and with it’s new cloud, mobile and digital tech companies sector, even Bangalore, a well-known hub, is having to watch closely.


Eindhoven, Netherlands


Forbes listed Eindhoven as the most inventive city in the world due to its “patent intensity”.

The emerging tech hub is known for its hardware design and high-tech innovation. In the future, biodegradable implants known as Bioneedles may replace the syringe, needle and vial vaccination – a reduction of HIV infection and hepatitis are among the benefits attributed to this cheap and safe technology.

It’s home to startups like leading 3D printing marketplace Shapeways, interactive education service Gynzy and real-time advertising platform Flxone.


Jerusalem, Israel

emerging tech hub

Not only a holy city for over 1 billion people, Jerusalem is benefiting from Israel’s tech revolution and can offer its startups a blend of history and modernity which is hard to find elsewhere.

The city has become a flourishing center for biomed, cleantech, Internet/mobile startups, accelerators, investors and supporting service providers – inspiration comes from nearby Tel Aviv, recognized already as one of the major tech hubs in the world.

Made in Jerusalem connects and provides resources for the local startup ecosystem and Hebrew University, a top research university is located in Jerusalem, ensuring a steady pipeline of local talent.


Santa Monica, USA

emerging tech hub

An emerging tech hub is forming in California outside of Silicon Valley.

Santa Monica, bordered by Los Angeles, attracts the all important young demographic with its beautiful location, weather and relaxed atmosphere which has led to a natural increase in young entrepreneurs and their teams.

Nicknamed Silicon Beach, the area is home to a more glamorous generation of startups within the entertainment sector. To aid growth, startup accelerators including Launchpad and StartEngine are both located in the area.


Nicosia, Cyprus

emerging tech hub

The WIPO cites Cyprus as a country showing great potential in intellectual property and technology output, despite the tough experience the country has experienced during the global economic downturn.

Companies like NCR and TSYS have caught on, choosing the Mediterranean island capital for their regional headquarters.

With its high per-capita income, favorable tax system, sophisticated infrastructure and low business set-up costs the possibilities are prime in Cyprus.

Bitcoin marketers Neo & Bee will open their first real-life branch in the emerging tech hub later this month too.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

emerging tech hub

Buenos Aires is becoming one of the leading hotspots for startups.

In 2013, 9,998 business were launched in the emerging tech hub, according to startup accelerator Startup Buenos Aires.

The organization provides resources to connect and support local startups. Often called the Paris of South America, the city is a hub for creative and ambitious individuals and is an example of how far South America has developed in terms of market confidence and entrepreneurial atmosphere.

The city has a low cost of living and a high percentage of college students and graduates. As a bonus, the city is in the same time zone as many cities in the U.S., which can make management and processes easier for American founders.


Talinn, Estonia

emerging tech hub

As an emerging tech hub, Talinn, the capital of Estonia, is an exciting place to be a startup right now.

With heavy government backing, young founders are trying to follow in the footsteps of those that have gone before them.

Skype and more recently TransferWise, stand out as champions for Estonian tech and although neither of those businesses are now headquartered in Talinn, their success stands as inspiration for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Whilst ensuring the best talent stays in the city remains a challenge, Talinn has all the ingredients to create companies capable of competing on the global stage.


Dublin, Ireland

emerging tech hub

Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Linkedin have all established their European headquarters in the Irish capital.

Lower taxes and living costs, in comparison to London are both factors in this trend.

But now more and more tech companies cite a pool of talent and the Irish Venture Capital Association’s investment tendencies as reasons for the city’s appeal: the city hosts the tech conferences Web Summit and F.ounders; accelerator facilities like Dog Patch Labs, launched by leading US venture capital firm Polaris Venture Partners.

Host music discovery platform Seevl and big data management tool Logentries, are two of the leading home grown startups to stem from this emerging tech hub.


Santiago, Chile

emerging tech hub

Santiago is another South American city that’s on our radar as an emerging tech hub.

It has an affordable cost of living and a tech-savvy culture; during the country’s bicentennial in 2010, the government helped launch Startup-Chile, a program that offers foreigners $40,000 and a six-month stay, plus free office space and guidance. The only thing participants have to do in return is to agree to mentor their Chilean peers.

So far, the program seems to be a success. According to Foreign Affairs, as of June 2014, the program had attracted more than 12,000 applicants from 112 countries and admitted 810 from 65 countries. Further, 132 of the resulting companies have opted to stay in Chile and have already brought in around $26 million in capital.


Hong Kong, Hong Kong

emerging tech hub

The global tech focus on Asia has just started to shift towards Hong Kong.

Its relaxed business climate pairs with an incredibly fast internet speed and a lack of censorship and international trade are all contributing factors its growth.

The emerging tech hub is a booming breeding ground for startups, with global venture programs like StartMeUpHK offering resources and companies such as Burg Limited paving the way for wearable tech.