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10 enterprise startups that raised a total of $1.07 billion in one month

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Sebastiaan ter Burg 

2015 continues to be a stellar year for investment in enterprise startups; June was no exception. Here are the top 10 enterprise startups and their rounds.

DONE Enterprise Startups raised most Investment

Enterprise startups performed extremely well last year, and there is no sign of slowed growth within the market in 2015.

Investment in enterprise startups brought about sky high valuations for enterprise stalwarts such as Dropbox, Box and Zendesk last year, with the latter 2 companies now publicly listed businesses.

This has caused a renewed increased interest in the enterprise space from entrepreneurs and investors alike, and the VC money keeps flowing into high growth enterprise businesses.

The 10 startups featured on this infographic have all received recent VC funding but here is a closer look at the top 3.



investment in enterprise startups

OneWeb is still in the planning stages, but a lot of people are very excited.

It will be deploying a micro-satellite constellation, in order to provide global high-speed, low latency broadband access across the globe.

OneWeb claim that they will be able to address the most demanding global connectivity challenges and sudden infrastructure crises: hurricanes; earthquakes; and refugee situations.

The London based enterprise startup raised its significant Series A funding round and counts Richard Branson, Virgin Group, and Thomas Enders, Airbus Group, as some of board members.



investment in enterprise startups

Checkmarx identifies and fixes security bugs and can block cyber attacks in real time.

It is the developer of next generation Static Code Analysis solutions which identify security vulnerabilities within an application’s source code and can support myriad computer languages including HTML, Java and python.

The business has offices in both Tel Aviv and New York and It’s $84 million Series C round was led by Insight Venture Partners.



investment in enterprise startups

Coupa Software‘s $80 million funding round is its 7th in 8 years.

The business has seen a steady progression of capital over the duration of its existence and boasts around $170 million in total funding received.

Coupa is a leading provider of innovative cloud spend management (CSM) solutions that help companies control their indirect spending and generate savings.

Coupa combines e-procurement and expense management capabilities in one solution that they say is easier to use, faster to configure and deploy, and more cost-effective than anything available today.