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International marketing strategies from the CMO of Viber

Mark Hardy

Hot Topics sits down with the CMO of Viber, Mark Hardy, to discuss the international marketing strategies a global business should use.

No 2 global markets are the same, so it makes sense to have varying approaches to different countries whose tastes and technologies are very different when marketing to them.

Even the smallest details might not translate from one country to the next, such as the color of your slogans or graphics, and obviously it makes sense to have different celebrities endorsing products from one country to the next.

As an article in the Harvard Business Review pointed out, executives can tend to think about foreign markets in vague regional terms, defining Europe with widely varying definitions such as Eastern Europe, the Eurozone etc.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some international commonalities however. As Mark Hardy, CMO of messaging platform Viber pointed out in an interview with Hot Topics, smartphone use across the world leads to some similarities in international marketing strategies.

Hardy said: “There are common ways that people use the product all over the world: sending messages, making free calls, accessing our public chat.”

But just because the uses in vastly different countries like India and the US can be quite similar because of smartphone adoption, doesn’t mean you can market a product like Viber the same way to both nations.

Hardy continued: “TV is still really important in India say, it’s still the biggest mass market channel, whereas if you’re looking at the US or the UK or the western European markets, obviously there’s a massive shift towards social media.”

If you want to market to a country on a meaningful level says Hardy: “What has to be consistent is a really clear thought on the brand and more importantly really solid understanding of the audience, what they’re looking for, what makes them tick and making sure that you’re not just mass market blast messaging, you’re marketing messages basically.”

To learn more about international marketing strategies from the CMO of Viber, watch the video above.