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The 100 product leaders behind the world’s top unicorns

The success of each unicorn can be attributed to its unique product or service, of which requires the vision, development and execution of these top 100 product leaders.

HT100 Product

Key to a company’s survival is a world class product or service.

What that should be based on is an assured understanding of the sector you need to work in, a sound knowledge of your consumer market and a tight, focused plan of how your product or service can innovate – and keep on innovating in the future.

That last part is crucial: as economies grow and compete for market space and consumer demographics shift across the spectrum, you will need your whole team on board in order to adapt cleanly and effectively.

The person behind these motions and metrics is the company’s product leader – whatever his or her title may be.

He or she plays a critical role in continuing a company’s path of innovation and commitment to revolutionize the way organizations manage their workforce, as well as update their service.

These 100 tech product leaders have showcased this and more.

Which is initially obvious; they are all part of the executive team behind some of the most successful private companies in the world: the unicorns.

If a company’s survival is down to its product, it’s success is down to its execution.

The focus for this list therefore was to bring to the forefront the world’s most successful product leaders to showcase the importance of the role in building winning tech companies.

The growing recognition for tech product leaders reflects the growth of the tech industry, but it also shows how we have come to respect the qualities that this role, showcased by these 100 tech product leaders, bring to the company.

Specifically, these product leaders have a track record of delivering 4 key qualities: team development, product vision, execution and product culture.

This list contains a network of people that have developed a strong team of product owners and designers, recruiting, training and coaching the necessary skill sets to enhance their company’s service.

They have also defined and driven a product strategy that takes an innovative tech startup and turns it into a truly global unicorn.

View the infographic above to see the 100 tech product leaders listed in more detail.