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The 10 most prolific angel investors of the year so far

Top 10 angel investment activity by investor Top 10 angel investment activity by investor

2015 has seen angel investment activity fluctuate quarter on quarter but these 10 angel investors have been busy; investing over $800 million into startups collectively.

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Angel investing simplified: invest small amounts of capital in several young companies; collect rewards from one or two successful founders; start over.

The allure of the mega-return has helped grow the angel investment market from a small club of tech enthusiasts into a growing community of doctors, lawyers and professionals too.

This has split camps, but it does enable startups long on ideas, short on cash, a chance to succeed.

This has translated into serious angel investment activity in 2015, so far.

Up until the end of September, around $3.6 billion of angel capital was invested globally into tech startups.

The majority of angel investment activity occurred in the 2nd quarter, which went against the trend of falling closed deals from the last quarter, last year.

Of course, despite a growing proportion of non-tech investors, most angel capital still resides in the hands of an experienced and respected few.

Around 3% of the total angel investment activity passed through the hands of 10 investors, listed above. And nearly 1%, from just one man, Dave Balter.

Currently head of transactions and board director at Pluralsight, Balter is also a venture partner at Boston Seed Capital, on the board of directors at Kindara and co-founder of Intelligent.ly.

Some of Balter’s investments include AdHawk, Dataminr and Flashnotes.

Peter Thiel is the prolific angel investor after Balter, but has invested less than half of the capital the Pluralsight director has.

Thiel, of German descent, is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager and most recently, social critic. Thiel is also famous for co-founding PayPal, serving as its CEO and then co-founding Palantir.

Other notable investors in the list of angel investment activity include Arthur Kosten, the Dutch CEO of Booking.com and Sir Richard Branson, the British businessman and investor, founder of Virgin Group which comprises of over 400 companies.