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5 Latin American startups attracting impressive funding rounds

top Latin America startups top Latin America startups
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Nicolas de Camaret

These Latin America startups secured serious funding rounds this Summer to help scale their operations in a continent reaping dividends from its tech investment programmes.

top Latin America startups

Top Latin America startups are beginning to emerge on the global tech scene as the continent’s drive to promote the sector pays off.

In Santiago’s “Chilecon Valley” and Medellin’s vibrant startup scene, companies are growing, accelerators are being formed and investors are taking notice.

These 5 top Latin America startups cover different sectors representing the eclectic ecosystem that South America is growing – and as deal sizes increase month on month, these industries will respond with innovation.

One of the largest deal last month was PSafe Tecnologia, raising $30 million.

PSafe develops security solutions for hosted and cloud computing operations and has a product portfolio that encompasses Android and windows.

The Rio de Janeiro based company’s tools and products also include PSafe Antivirus, Antiphishing and an optimizational tool for all-round desktop security.

Avenida is marketing itself as the ecommerce site for Argentina.

Its platform provides users with products that Avenida says has the “best value proposition in price, financing, variety and logistics.”

With 800 000 users and 2 offices in the country, Avenida has grown fast in 2 years; since conception, the startup has raised over $50 million.

Others on the top Latin America startups include Vaniday, the brainchild of startup builder Rocket Internet.

The beauty and wellness services marketplace launched in Brazil earlier this year and they already have plans for fast international expansion, after becoming available as a website, with iOS and Android apps being unveiled soon.

It’s a smart move: Brazil has the 3rd largest beauty and personal care market in the world, after the US and Japan, with $42 billion in combined sales in 2012; on the other hand, the country’s near 250 000 registered beauty salons have no online presence.

Resultados Digitais raised near $15 million and Restorando secured $8 million in its round to end the Summer on a high.