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10 healthtech startups raising a combined $372 million

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From Californian life-sciences companies to Bangalore based healthtech startups, these 10 funding rounds show just how much interest in the sector one month sees.

top healthcare funding rounds

As one of the most promising and fastest growing tech sectors, insights into healthtech around the world can be fascinating.

The past few months has seen activity across the sector culminating in significant investment packages rewarding founders and investors alike.

These top healthcare funding rounds are just a tip of the iceberg, but already represent $372 million in capital raised.

The top 3 will be looked into in more detail, and to see the full list, view the infographic above.

First on the top healthcare funding rounds list, by wide margin, is Los Angeles-based NantHealth, one of the life sciences companies part of billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong‘s NantWorks. NantHealth scored $200M in investment from Allscripts.

According to the two companies, the investment gives Allscripts a 10% stake in Nanthealth.

NantHealth is developing genomic and protein-based molecular diagnostics technology, initially aimed at personalizing cancer treatment regimes for patients based on the genetic profile of cancer cells in their system.

Also on the top healthcare funding rounds list was Remedy Partners, after raising $50 million of Series B backing from Bain Capital Ventures.

The capital forms an initial round that will target between $70 million and $80 million – as part of the deal, Bain Managing Director Mike Krupka will join the board.

Remedy is a developer of bundled payment programs for government and private health insurers.

The company has been growing rapidly: the number of patients served by Remedy products has grown 10x in a year and the number of health organizations that use the products by almost as much.

Thirdly, MedGenome Labs has raised US$20 million in its series B funding round from Sequoia Capital.

The Bangalore based company uses DNA sequencing to conduct clinical genetic testing of complex diseases related to oncology, cardiology and ophthalmology.

These tests enable doctors to assess the reaction of different medicines on different individuals.

Sam Santhosh is the CEO of MedGenome.