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Apple’s chipmaker was acquired for $4.9bn – what were the other top exits this year?

tech exits 2015 tech exits 2015

The company that provides the brains behind your iPhone was acquired for a fortune, find out which other businesses have joined it on the top 10 list.

PitchBook-top10-tech startup exits

With the help of PitchBook, Hot Topics has taken another delve into the data of the world’s largest tech startup exits.

From the top tech exits 2015 so far we counted 721 deals, amounting to a collective $41.6bn, and topping the list is TriQuint Semiconductor. The Oregeon based firm that merged with Qorvo in early 2015 in a deal believed to be worth $4.9bn.

Triquint are taking on their merged partners name, and the principal Apple chip provider uses its small cell solutions to add capacity to mobile networks. Although rarely spoken about, these behind the scene magicians are a key contributor to the improvement of network performance worldwide.

Coming second in the top tech exits 2015 is Brierly + Partners, the company that designed and managed the loyalty and CRM programs for clients including Hertz, Express, GameStop, Hardrock and 7-Eleven.

Acquired by the IT and consulting firm Nomura Research Institute Holdings America Inc. (NRI) in a deal valued at $3.5bn, NRI hopes that it will help them aggressively expand across the US.

Slightly further down the list in fifth is LinkedIn acquired firm, Lynda.com. LinkedIn shelled out $1.5bn for the online training site in April 2015 for its repository of more than 6,300 courses, helping prospective students learn everything from video editing and animation, to UX and leadership skills.

The acquisition points toward a master plan by Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn CEO) to help LinkedIn shake its reputation as just an address book or a one stop shop for recruiters, and instead market themselves as a truly professional platform allowing members to virtually manage every aspect of their careers.

The move is certainly a smart one, at a time where the demanding requirements of the global economy require a constantly updated library of skills.

For the other 7 top tech exits 2015 , see the infographic above.