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The 100 most influential CIOs globally

global cio 100 global cio 100
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Yuri Samoilov

There’s been a C-suite power shift that’s placed CIOs at the forefront of business operations. Here are the top 100 CIOs leading the way.

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The proliferation of technology across businesses around the globe has led to a seismic C-suite shift.

Whether it’s checking a bank balance, booking a holiday, or shopping online, there are incredibly high expectations amongst customers who expect intuitive interfaces, exciting experiences, expanded choice and near-total price transparency as the bare minimum.

Such expectation has ushered a new age relationship between businesses and customers. A do or die dialectic based on the quality and frequency of digital product capabilities.

This is the new era of digital Darwinism, and the customer is king.

It’s meant room has been made in the boardroom for top technology positions to ensure these needs are met.

And whereas the mentioning of IT departments used to conjure images of mysterious individuals more at home with tech wizardry than social interaction, the profile, and standing of those with technical know how has seen a dramatic shift.

Roles like the Chief Information Officer require the skills of a strategist, and brainstormer, packaged around outstanding technical ability. A trend likely to continue as the best CIOs recognize the tremendous advantage of bringing to life the strategic plans of the rest of the organization, whilst increasing the quality and rapidity of data informed decision making.

It has meant CIOs have become key advisors on external strategy at some of the world’s largest businesses, with those featured on the Hot Topics global CIO 100 all having made outstanding contributions to their respective companies.

We believe these inspiring individuals featured on the global CIO 100 are the most influential in the world, and have chosen each of them based one or more of the following criteria:

– Demonstrated excellence in IT

– Played a central role in driving significant business improvements

– Used innovative IT strategies to deliver competitive advantage in the enterprise.

To see the full Global CIO 100, see the above infographic.