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100 marketing leaders driving retail innovation

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Takashi Hosishima

As the retail industry adapts to changing consumer habits, these 100 marketers are digitizing their brands and launching innovative strategies to cement their market positions.

HT100 Retail CMO 2016

It’s now time for retail marketers and brand leaders to test the strength of their mettle.

In an industry already synonymous with the rapid pace of innovation and adaptation, they are facing one of the most tumultuous series of developments to their roles and responsibilities so far.

Not only is the marketing sector undergoing an industry-wide digital transformation, but the retail sector is itself having to respond to maturing consumer habits and a major technological shift of its physical and, more importantly, mobile presence.

In terms of the latter, the seemingly unstoppable growth of mobile has forced retailers to adopt a mobile first strategy approach to digital investments.

This will only become more important as more consumers turn to their handheld devices: a recent Forrester report states that by the end of this year, 4.8 billion individuals globally will be using some kind of smartphone, while the forecasters also predict mobile and tablet commerce to reach $142 billion in the US alone in 2016.

From these developments, retail marketers and brand leaders are having to position themselves and their companies in such a way that they can be receptive to industry developments, and reactive to their mobile-savvy consumer needs.

Within this new marketing microcosm therefore, these 100 retailers are trialing new methods to gain and retain consumers over their competition.

Their remits however are developing at an ever increasing rate, and the best retail marketers are having to act as champions of the entire customer journey.

The need for retailers to succeed in this respect is paramount. The creation of a seamless omni-channel experience, where all efforts are primed to improve the overall customer experience, has becoming the holy grail for retailers.

As a result of the above, the need for marketing and brand executives within retailers to engage consumers through the mobile channel has never been more important to their own survival.

This list showcases 100 of the leading brand and marketing executives within a selection of the world’s largest retailers, all implementing marketing techniques for their current consumer-centric, mobile-centric strategies.

They are building a 360 degree view of not only their current consumers, but their in-store and mobile browsers too; by utilizing data on their shoppers they can map out changing consumer behaviour live and react accordingly.