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The leading HR professionals within tech’s high growth companies

100 HR executives 100 HR executives
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Alan Bloom

These individuals are utilizing tech to become an integral part of the way business strategies are shaped at some of the world's fastest growing tech businesses.

HT100 HR Directors

It is thought that the first human resources department was set up in 1901.

More than a hundred years later, many argue that HR hasn’t strayed from its historic roots.

For some, the human resources field has become strangled by its own mandate, transformed into a reinforcement arm for company policy that for too long has failed to get the most out of businesses most salient strategic asset, their people.

Recruitment platforms, on boarding software, and talent management systems are slowly bucking this trend. Replacing administrivia, compliance and a lack of holistic vision, with data and insight on an unprecedented scale.

It is becoming clear that a very human profession is undergoing radical change, and Hot Topics endeavoured to find the 100 tech HR executives leading the way at some of tech’s most innovative businesses.

The focus for this list was to highlight those 100 tech HR executives contributing to making the role more scientific, data-driven and ultimately more central to key business issues, and the criteria was the following:

  • Leads HR at a high growth tech company
  • Utilizes data to make strategic decisions that helps shape overall business strategy
  • Has a high level of engagement from employees

These are the individuals thinking bigger. Reimagining their role in the context of organizations and realizing the power that human resources departments possess to positively influence overall business strategy.

CEOs agree, with room being made at the very top of organizations for ‘Chief People Officers’ or ‘Chief Human Resources Officers’ to contribute.

And with more ways to collect and analyze valuable data about employees than ever before, why shouldn’t this be the case?

HR is increasingly becoming more of a consultancy role than a necessary evil and it will have a transformative affect on organizations.

To see the full list of the top 100 tech HR executives, see the list above.