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100 digital change agents future-proofing their brands

100 digital leaders 100 digital leaders
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Nemanja Pantelic

The most forward-thinking companies are aware that their future is changing, and these 100 digital leaders have been hired to future-proof their brands, from CEO to intern.

HT100 CDOs List

The traditional, analogue, organizational structure is an endangered species.

Buyers, investors, executives, and now entire businesses, have been forced to react to a digital future that technology has enabled brands and consumers to grab with both hands.

In order to survive therefore, today’s busy C-suite is an alphabet soup of roles adapted or created to manage the changing needs of technology and consumers, and the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is tipped to be the executive holding the keys to the company’s future.

That’s because business strategies have to be seamlessly interwoven within a digital landscape that addresses online, mobile, social – and yet undiscovered – platforms where their clients and customers exist and can be reached.

These 100 digital leaders, and others, have been brought in to meet those challenges and oversee an organization-wide blueprint for the future survival of his or her brand.

As a result, these ‘agents of change’ are quickly becoming one of the most important leaders in their company.

Once dismissed as a flash in the pan, with an idea to adapt, disrupt, transform but ultimately disappear, CDOs are now met with a higher credibility as the importance and direction of their brand’s digital trajectory has evolved.

It is now understood that the changes these digital executives must initiate need to be bifocal; achieving short-term improvements to a brand’s operational efficiencies, whilst cementing a longer-term vision of how their company will compete digitally.

With all that at stake, a CDO, if successful, will have played an imperative role in their business’ future survival.

Inevitably, there are a select few performing within some of the leading, non-digital first, brands globally that are setting the digital transformation bar high for everyone else, and at the very least are forcing companies that have not yet hired their own CDO to challenge that decision.

They have the patience to navigate the complex organization structures and collaborate to get buy-in across functions, whilst simultaneously disrupting the status quo of their company and solidifying relationships with a wide range of people.

The above infographic showcases the 100 digital leaders who have fulfilled the aforementioned criteria, to be the most influential in their role globally.