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Syniverse CMO discusses the marketer’s role in the digital age

Peter Stojanovic

Mary Clark has operated in her role at Syniverse for 18 months now, but she has already outlined that the aim of the CMO should be clear regardless of changing marketing methods.

The role of the CMO has been under scrutiny of late as technology and consumer habits continue to transform the way brands communicate and connect with their users.

One of the more fundamental catalysts to these changes has been the rise of mobile as an engagement platform – by the end of 2016, nearly 5 billion people globally will be using some sort of smartphone.

That has forced CMOs to start thinking differently about their strategies.

Indeed, for Syniverse’s CMO, Mary Clark, marketing strategies now come in many different forms, but all come with one end goal.

“The role that I have today as CMO is one that is relatively new for me to be this focused on marketing…you’re marketing all of the time and you’re selling all of the time, it’s part of what you do.”

It’s also a major part of what your team does too. CMOs rarely operate alone, instead relying on a wider network of people to help promote their brand within the most relevant channels today.

“[you and your team] should be thinking in terms of how you’re growing your own business: how am I managing it, and optimizing it?”

Clark has been in the role for the last 18 months and has provided her with a different angle to the process as a whole, especially as she doesn’t have a profit and loss component to worry about.

However she still needs to “…ensure that every action we partake in product marketing and marketing communications viewpoints has the growth of the business in mind, that it’s contributing to our brand.”

Those conversations and ideas could come in the form of brand identity, creative direction, web design, digital innovation or even PR thought leadership – all are now required by marketers to strengthen their brand’s position.

Their end goals however are aligned into the main role of the CMO: “They should specifically support the future growth of the company and enable the direction of our revenue growth.”