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Yandex Data Factory CEO: bridging the data utilization gap


Machine learning will make your data useful

Access to data is one thing. Moving from data to insight is another entirely.

Jane Zavalishina, CEO of the Yandex Data Factory wants to make it easier for businesses to gain real insight from their data.

Built on the real time personalization and predictive analytics technology of Russia’s largest Internet business Yandex- Yandex Data Factory helps clients improve their business through the exploitation of their own data by machine learning.

Disproportionate growth of figures suggesting that 90% of the world’s data was generated over the course of the past two years has led Zavalishina to be of the opinion that “we should not really care about data anymore,” rather, we should see it as a thing of the past.

Instead, she suggests that “you should care about…how you make use of it.”

Her answer to this is of course by harnessing the power of machine learning.

Which, having jumped off the page of science fiction and academic research into mainstream enterprise application is set to be incredibly powerful.

You only have to look as far as the developments made by IBM’s Watson, or Google’s deep mind project (that recently obliterated the European champion of the Chinese game Go) to see just how far machine learning has come.

In simple terms, machine learning is a branch of the larger discipline of Artificial Intelligence. It involves the design and construction of computer applications or systems that are able to learn based on their inputs and outputs.

A machine learning system learns by experience and can thus make decisions based on its exposition to other cases and then perform actions or predictions accordingly.

Zavalishina believes this will soon disrupt each and every industry, bringing automation and predictive intelligence to a variety of business processes.

Although it has the potential to see algorithms doing work better than humans can.

Worried? We are too.

The effect machine learning is set to have on the enterprise will be both fortuitous and incredibly progressive. Although it could kickstart the greatest labour market disruption of our age.

For more information on the applications of machine learning in the enterprise, see the video above with CEO of the Yandex Data Factory .