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Fairsail’s CEO on why organizations need to embrace ‘people marketing’


Why engage in a recruitment drive using old methods, when you can use predictive analytics that leverage marketing techniques to find the best candidates possible.

HR systems can be used for so much more than just facilitating basic transactions.

Once solely used for payroll and quarterly engagement reports, a fundamental shift is on the horizon in the way HR systems are being used to support organizations in their quest to hire the best talent.

Enter what Adam Hale, CEO of Fairsail, calls people marketing.

It is a more scientific hiring method that displaces the traditional way companies seek to bring on board new employees.

The traditional process would usually see role descriptions created by HR managers internally. Those managers would then cross-reference an internal talent pool against the job description to see if any candidates fit the mould, in addition to advertising for the role on a variety of different mediums.

Assuming that hiring process is successful, the next search begins and HR managers have to start the entire process again.

What if this seemingly inefficient methodology could be replaced entirely?

Fairsail’s HR system provides what Hale describes as a, “corporate memory.”

“It can actually remember who the people are that have been spoken to anywhere in the world at any different point, so rather than starting a hiring process and thinking who should we talk to? You can actually think, who have we talked to in the past?”

In so doing, hiring managers are handed the unique perspective of being able to have visibility over anyone that has shown interest in a role, creating a far larger pool of talent to choose from.

And what’s more, explains Hale, is that HR systems make it possible to build employment campaigns in a similar vein to how marketing campaigns are structured. For example, it is possible to use the principles of AB testing to pit prospective employees against talent already in an organization.

For more on people marketing from the CEO of Fairsail, Adam Hale, see the video above.