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Indeed’s CMO on why the job market has to get personal

Peter Stojanovic

Personalization has become paramount for marketing teams within most companies but Indeed's CMO, Paul D'Arcy, explains why this is particularly true for the job market.

In this age of personalization, marketing teams in many industries are scrambling to create relevant content for their consumers.

Whether the product is data, news, fashion, food, or holidays, people are looking for experiences that resonate with them on a personal level.

The jobs market is no different, and personalized jobs search tools are key to its survival.

Indeed’s SVP Marketing Paul D’Arcy not only confirms his company’s immersion in this trend, but goes one step further by describing how they have always provided this service.

“There are few things more personal than a job search, family and health aside; careers are the most important thing for a lot of people and we use all the information we can to help find a job. Our job is personalized.”

Which is quite a claim: with 200 million monthly job seekers, and 17 million job advertisements, there are many potential matches that the company has to look over and create.

There are also several variables to juggle in order to personalize the service.

“Salary is the most important [consideration], then it’s location, or distance, which forced us to understand how far away that post is from a person – but not just physical distance, because there could be a body of water in the way, or poor communication and travel channels…”

Indeed uses crowdsourced information of people listed on the site to confirm these nuanced details, bringing all of those clues together to guarantee that a potential employee has all of the data they need to make an informed decision.

Not only does this personalize the service, it combines this trend with the most up-to-date technology methods in order to improve the experience Indeed’s customers have with the brand.

D’Arcy and his team, as he states, have been aware of the personalized jobs search trend for quite some time, because of the nature of the job search market.

The challenge for them then is to continue to align this thinking with relevant technological innovations to provide this service on a user-friendly platform.