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BBC’s CMO on marketing one of the world’s most read news outlets

Philip Almond

Philip Almond recognizes the global distribution of the BBC's audience, and their digital appetite, so is developing the BBC's digital strategy it started over two decades ago.

According to the online analytics and insights company, Alexa, the BBC is one of the most successful digital media exports in the UK today.

Not only is it the sixth most visited site in the UK, behind the likes of Google, YouTube and Amazon, but it’s the 11th most popular online news outlet in the world.

Its global presence has been accelerated by an early adoption of digital capabilities almost two decades ago, according to its Director of Marketing and Audience, Philip Almond.

“The BBC has been a pioneer of digital since the 1990s, and digital content is vital to the future of marketing. We have content from Radio 4, David Attenborough, Strictly [Come Dancing] and Line of Duty, and that range of digital content is how we’ve become so successful.”

The BBC, and the wider media and publishing industry, is continually having to respond to a digitized audience.

For Almond, this means staying up to date with how viewers watch or listen to programs, as well as what they watch, and when.

“[At BBC] people consume our digital products – the digital medium is our product. That means experimentation is integral to getting your offer across and providing an experience, as opposed to just how you communicate.”

Just like other industries, news is becoming increasingly personalized and targeted. Audiences cherry pick their content, rather than passively engaging with a fixed amount of channels, which can make it easier for the BBC’s marketing function to predict what will works and learn about viewing habits.

There are important aspects of their journey, especially as the organization has come under increasing scrutiny from the British Government and the wider public forum.

Almond believes that products like BBC iPlayer and myBBC showcase the organization’s commitment to its digital future and exist as the future of its content strategy.