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How BBC’s CMO translates the rise of technology in marketing

Philip Almond

Technology is allowing the media and the marketing function to develop new strategies and services. What they entail, and how they roll them out, however, depend on the marketer.

Marketing teams are becoming increasingly confident in their uptake and deployment of digital technologies.

As the pace and landscape of the business- and consumer-facing world develops, strategies are evolving to capture market share and attention.

A study on marketing technology evolution, conducted by 2nd Watch last year, suggested that more and more marketers are diverting resources from other projects to enable their digital marketing efforts, and the BBC’s Director of Marketing and Audience Philip Almond is no different.

He is overseeing the roll-out of several new media services and products to help personalize the BBC’s image, including myBBC. These projects have forced the BBC to update its back-end functions, like its CRM (customer relationship management) system.

CRM isn’t the only thing people like media technology marketers are becoming more confident with, however.

2nd Watch’s survey also highlighted the uptake of cloud technology: 41% of marketers interviewed said they would use a cloud-based data warehouse to support digital marketing in the future; 15% were already doing so.

They then cited the benefits of shifting to the cloud, which included: cost (39% surveyed wrote this); flexibility (35%); and scalability (26%).

How a CMO, or equivalent, should oversee these adoptions varies by sector and personality.

For Almond, he believes in hiring the right capabilities to help achieve success.

“It’s about hiring someone with the expertise, to question it strategically, and understand how the stack will work, [leaving me] to lead, help in decision making and coaching.

“I help check performance rather than being the person right in the weeds, doing it.”

The marketing technology evolution has made the media technology marketers in particular much more technical, and many CMOs like Almond have turned to hiring talent to fill the education gap.