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Artesian CMO on how to align the sales and marketing functions within a business


Lisa Hutt was nominated as one of Hot Topics' most influential B2B marketers in Europe. Here she discusses the importance of aligning the marketing function with sales.

This video clip is part of the our interview series focused on the most influential B2B marketers globally.

The first phase of the series put the spotlight on Europe, and Lisa Hutt, CMO of Artesian, was nominated within that group of 100 B2B marketing leaders.

There is an ongoing battle between sales and marketing functions around who should contribute what percentage to the overall sales pipeline.

Marketers are accused of not generating enough leads by sales teams and sales are held up as not closing the leads that marketing generates effectively.

Bringing an end to that disconnect and creating an aligned sales and marketing engine, is fundamental to the success of B2B tech vendors.

Lisa Hutt, CMO of social selling platform, Artesian, is acutely aware of the issue and believes the key to solving it, is in working out the numbers.

“The organizations that have got the best alignment have done the mathematics at the top level and at a management perspective have an understanding of which groups are responsible for contributing what percentage to the overall pipeline.”

Hutt continues by explaining that, “in organizations where there is a misalignment, there hasn’t been a calculation as to who is responsible for what percentage (of the sales pipeline).”

If that calculation hasn’t been made and agreed between sales and marketing, then the expectations on what is required from both sides are not set.

If left unresolved, Hutt explains that “what marketing can generate and what sales need are two very different numbers and there’s a bit of a gap in the middle.”

To here more of Lisa Hutt’s views on the importance of aligning the expectations of sales and marketing functions, view the video above.