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The 50 most influential travel and hospitality marketers in the Americas

travel and hospitality marketers travel and hospitality marketers
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Neil Tackaberry

Hot Topics introduces the 50 most influential travel and hospitality marketers in the Americas for 2016.

travel and hospitality marketers

The stats surrounding the growth of the travel industry make for interesting reading.

The Oxford Economics global industry model projects that travel and tourism industry GDP will grow 3.9 percent per annum over the next decade.

In 2015, it was the second-fastest growing sector globally and according to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the sector combines more people than automotive, manufacturing, mining and financial services combined.

It was logical, therefore, to turn the attention towards travel and hospitality as the next part in our series looking at the marketing leaders within various sectors.

Having published the most influential marketers in retail and financial services earlier in 2016, we are pleased to now release the list of the 50 most influential travel and hospitality marketers in the Americas.

These 50 travel and hospitality marketers are contributing significantly to the growth of the sector and helping to create world class customer experiences on behalf of their respective brands.

The research primarily considered the marketing leaders within airlines, hotel groups and online travel agencies.

The list is dominated by North American companies, of which there are 43, alongside 7 brands from Latin America. Brazil was the most represented country outside of North America, with 3 companies making the final list.

That is reflective of the 2015 Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index for 2015, which ranked the leading 20 countries in the Americas. Brazil was 3rd behind USA and Canada.

One of the key criteria under consideration was the use of technological innovation in their respective marketing strategies, which is on the rise across the sector as a whole.

Trends such as virtual reality, beacons, and digital customer engagement are moving closer to the center of any travel or hospitality marketing campaign and are becoming increasingly ubiquitous.

This list will be followed by an equivalent list focused on Europe and APAC, in addition to a thought leadership series featuring a select group of those included on both lists.

To view the full list, please see the infographic above.