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EY branding lead: building a brand with a sense of purpose


Brands with a clarity of purpose financially outperform those without.

It is well known that showcasing an authentic and credible sense of brand purpose – a reason why you exist beyond the simple desire of turning a profit – plays a salient role in driving profit in today’s business world.

People want to engage with a brand run by those who are passionate about the products they sell, and the outcomes they create for their customers. And for these brands, in some way, to be contributing to the problems we all face as a collective, by contributing through various initiatives to wider societal change.

Building a brand this way is key, explains John Rudaizky, EY’s Global Brand & External Communications Leader who joined the company in 2014 from WPP.

He is responsible for EY’s branding globally through a programme of accelerated investment, which he is doing “from a business centric point of view,” by focussing on the business strategy behind EY’s brand purpose.

Moving away from concept and theory to internal implementation, however, is difficult. Particularly with a workforce the size of EY’s.

Since Rudaizky joined, the “Big Four” accountancy firm has grown from 170,000 to 230,000 employees.

One of his first tasks was inspiring a sense of brand purpose internally to match EY’s new communications drive. In 2013 the entire company was rebranded ‘EY’ from Ernst & Young.

“From a marketing perspective, we start with our people first,” he says.

“The creative work you are seeing on posters is part of a one-year immersion in our business before we’ve gone external. The brief I was given, from my CEO was:

‘I’m not that concerned about the externalization, all I care about is that you inspire our people.'”

EY’s Better begins with you, Gender parity and Acceleration and its World Entrepreneur of the Year programmes are all great examples of this push.