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TSB CIO on the impact of Brexit and his approach to digital transformation

Carles Abarca

Carles Abarca, CIO of TSB Bank, explains how he has embarked upon a program of change at the now Spanish owned bank.

TSB Bank, which was spun out of Lloyds Banking Group in 2013, was acquired in 2015 by Spanish bank Sabadell in a £1.7bn takeover. Like many challenger banks enjoying success, TSB has benefited from a lack of archaic technology platforms, which has bogged down traditional lenders. We spoke to its CIO, Carles Abarca about the acquisition, the impact of Brexit on the Spanish owned bank and his approach to digital transformation.

This interview forms part of our ‘Making Digital Work’ series, brought to you in partnership with Computacenter, focused on how the UK’s leading CIOs are driving transformation within their respective businesses.