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Great Expectations, Episode 2, Clip 1: Tim Mapes, Delta CMO

Tim Mapes

Here's how Tim Mapes, Delta Air Lines' CMO, can identify problems in the customer journey very quickly.

Vertical silos at Delta Air Lines that give Tim Mapes real-time oversight into areas such as Pilots and Operations Teams provides an opportunity to create amazing experiences for customers.

Why? Because of the customer journey, or ‘travel ribbon,’ as Mapes call it. It is horizontal, which makes it easy to see where something isn’t working. If anything goes wrong, the appropriate vertical silo can be engaged immediately, or improved, if there is something that happens frequently.

The marketing veteran highlights the importance of a unified customer view to making this a reality.

This clip comes from an interview that forms part of our ‘Great Expecations’ series, run in association with Decibel Insight.