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Great Expectations, Episode 3, Full Interview: Erin Kurusz, VP Business Transformation, Dell

Erin Kurusz

Dell has around 2 billion customer interactions every year. Its challenge was making sense of it.

A key differentiator among successful businesses is a relentless focus on high-quality customer experience. Michael Dell has always taken this view. On stage recently he cited the 2 billion or so customer interactions that are had through Dell’s channels every year. The trouble, he said, has always been taking these interactions and turning them into insight that can be used to help drive improvements.

We spoke to Erin Kurusz, VP Business Transformation at Dell, the woman who is responsible for solving that challenge, to learn how the business is turning consumer insight into data at an enterprise level.

This interview forms part of the Great Expectations series, run in partnership with Decibel Insight.