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Bullet Train Thinking Roundtable, Episode 2, Part 2

John Meakin

In part 2 of the Bullet Train Thinking roundtable, a group of senior CISOs discuss how to ensure an entire company understands the need to take security seriously.

As technology has developed and companies of all kinds increasingly rely on innovations such as the cloud, information security has taken on an importance like never before. In part 2 of the second Bullet Train Thinking roundtable, chaired by Burberry’s former Chief Risk and Security Officer John Meakin, senior CIOs talk about how part of their role has been to make security an issue for the whole company, rather than just the IT department. John is joined by Brian Brackenborough, CISO at Channel 4, Paul Watts, formerly CISO of Network Rail and now at Domino’s, and Tanium’s own CSO, David Damato.