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Meet the world’s first crowdfunding platform helping to tackle homelessness

Alex Stephany

Beam is the world's first crowdfunding platform paying for homeless people to train up to employment. We talk to its Founder and CEO, Alex Stephany.

Alex Stephany is the founder and CEO of Beam, the world’s first online platform to crowdfund employment training for homeless people. The UK-based social impact business describes itself as “groundbreaking, life-changing innovation in homelessness,” and is supported by the Mayor of London. Beam’s platform invites the public to meet individuals referred to by charities, online and fund their professional training, with regular communication to check their donees’ progress.

This interview is part of Hot Topics’ ‘In Good Company series,’ featuring the leaders of businesses and social enterprises making a positive social impact.

Stephany discusses a range of topics: from the value of crowdfunding, to an explanation on what a social impact business looks like, to how his platform has worked with its members so far.

To donate to Beam and help its members return to work, click here.